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NYFW Hernan Lander Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2014

NYFW Hernan Lander Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 may have come and gone, but with the mass of shows I attended, expect fashion show coverage posts over the next few weeks. 

Hernan Lander's fashion show was one of my favorites this season. Leather was everywhere; in the glove, in the trim, and in some garment's entirety. The color palette was dark and dangerous, with a heavy emphasis on black, grey, and deep blue. 

Models looked sophisticated with an edge in Hernan Lander's longer length cutout dresses with their hair pulled back and makeup kept minimal. They walked the runway in gorgeous black crisscross front-tie sandals. 

Hernan Länder also incorporated the fur, sheer insert, and high neck trends that we have seen all over the runway this Fall 2014 Fashion Week. 

I think it was an overall fashion designer's initiative to restructure the typical fashion show. Many designers chose to showcase their collections outside Lincoln Center, Alexander Wang inviting his guests all the way to downtown Brooklyn for his show. Even in the great white tents at Lincoln Center, there was an air of innovation and rebirth of the fashion spirit. 

An entire showroom, called the Pavilion, was added onto the tents at LIncoln Center. The room was set up with rows of benches facing various ways and a backdrop with two opposing entrances. Models entered the room from either entrance, circled around, then exited through the opposite way they came in. 

The first show I saw take place in the Pavilion left me confused as models walked by in every direction, cutting through aisles, and disappearing from site. Every Pavilion show following; however, was a treat since I had tracked down the best seat locations. As long as I sat on one of the benches facing the path the models took, I had a front row seat.

I know at least some of you are wondering, so I will address the obvious question. No, you do not get to choose your own seat, but in the last few minutes prior to the show, vacant seats become up for grabs. First come first serve.  

And with a front row seat, you can capture runway moments you never thought you could, like this finale walk pic that I took with my iphone. Yep. 

xx Esther

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NYFW Nanette Lepore Fashion Show Summer/Spring 2015

NYFW Nanette Lepore Fashion Show Summer/Spring 2015

NYFW Nanette Lepore Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2014

NYFW Nanette Lepore Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2014