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NYFW Alon Livne Collection Fall/Winter 2014

NYFW Alon Livne Collection Fall/Winter 2014

One word: embellished. Alon Livne, for lack of a better word, decorated his models in jewels. An Israeli born designer, his middle eastern influence was easily seen through his extravagant headpieces.

Models wore jeweled skull caps in varying colors and designs, one of which had beaded fringe hanging from its protruding tusk like sides. One model had her face completely covered in what looked like an embellished hooded mask.

Alon Livne's color palette reminded me of midnight the way he used deep, iridescent shades of blue and purple. He also used blush pinks and washed out metallics which have been everywhere this season.

My favorite detail was his sleeve made completely out of beads. He also created an entire yoke (work work- meaning the top of the garment) out of overlapping beaded trim, which was ethereal.

Upon first glance, I found this collection to look out of place in the midst of a week's worth of fashion shows showcasing fur, leather, vibrant reds, and heavy doses of black. But when you look at the pieces individually, you can pinpoint specific trends that Alon Livne incorporated, like sheer inserts, texture, cutouts, and an overall romantic vibe.

Silver mesh was seen throughout the collection, placed over fabric and used as bib fronts.

As I was leaving, Paris Hilton showed up wearing an incredible Alon Livne original from his Spring collection.  I had already met Paris at the Charlotte Ronson presentation, so I stood back and let paparazzi take over with the picture taking as Paris asked Alon Livne about the new collection.

Collection inspired by: women on the road to romance, independence, and finding themselves.

Neutrals: black, washed out metallics, blue, purple, blush

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