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Son Jung Wan Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2017

Son Jung Wan Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2017

Son Jung Wan held his Fall/Winter fashion show in Skylight Clarkson Square, making a small but beautiful tribute to Andy Warhol. Son Jung Wan likes to theme each season off a different decade. This year, he set the stage with his name in plain block letters surrounded by red light and revival 80's music blasting from loud speakers.

Wanโ€™s color pallet had shades of turquoise, cerulean, chocolate browns, scarlet, ox-blood, gray, gold and cream. His Fall/Winter line is about classy comfort, incorporating fabrics such as tweed, velvet and furs. His suit collection consists of velvet or tweed bell-bottom pants paired with oversized blazers synched at the waist. I fell in love with his suede joggers, gold pumps and fur jacket looks. His evening piece, an ox-blood velvet jumpsuit with matching taffeta falling from the waist would make a perfect piece for weddings, galas and events. Wanโ€™s show was comfortable yet chic. Iโ€™m already thinking of which piece I will be saving for this season. 

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Jill Stuart Fashion Presentation Fall/Winter 2017

Jill Stuart Fashion Presentation Fall/Winter 2017