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NYFW Naeem Khan Fashion Show Summer/Spring 2015

There are literally only two words on my mind by day 6 of Fashion Week: I'm tired. Exhaustion has reached its peak and the previous unadulterated excitement I felt from attending numerous fashion shows a day can officially be classified as ephemeral.  However, no amount of sleep deprivation can affect the effect the Naeem Khan fashion show has on me. Naeem Khan brings the magic back. Every season, his collection reminds me of what my very first fashion show felt like, the rush of exhilaration and a sense of victory...

NYFW: Naeem Khan Spring 2014 Fashion Show

The Naeem Khan spring 2014 fashion show was by far my favorite. Naeem Khan brought drama, elegance, and sheer beauty to the runway. He was inspired by Latin culture and I specifically loved the way he incorporated the Spanish rose into his collection. I attended the show as KIS Group's fashion correspondent and I can now truly appreciate when people say, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."