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That Time I Was In The Nissan Taxi Of Today Commercial

That Time I Was In The Nissan Taxi Of Today Commercial

that time I was in the Nissan Taxi of Today Commercial - Louboutins and Love Fashion Blog

Today was weird. Good weird in any case, if it is at all appropriate to melange the words together. I am always skeptical of the unseemly combination or perhaps contradiction, but no other words could best describe the uncharacteristic nature of the day.

I took my lunch break to go have my ice skates sharpened. On the way, I passed a tent adorned with those instantly recognizable pieces of paper stating that filming is in session. As I always do, I asked the man sitting in the director's chair what show was being filmed.

This is what he said: "A Nissan Altima Taxi commercial. Would you like to be in it?"

Confused and honestly, a little skeptical, I told the nice man I was on my way to sharpen my skates. If I happened to make it back in time to play my part in the commercial 30 minutes from then, I would reconsider. I am never one to pass up an opportunity, but bear in mind, I was skeptical, busy, and I also heard "taxes," as opposed to "taxis," which momentarily caused my eyes to glaze over.

I arrived at Paragon, filled out the necessary forms, handed my dull-bladed skates over, and took a seat in the waiting room. It is a longstanding enigma what it is about me that says, "Please start a conversation with me while I have my headphones in, cell phone out, and head down." Despite every aforementioned factor in play, the man sitting next to me decided to strike up a conversation. Turned out he was from Missouri, my home town. Random.

Less than 5 minutes later, another man walked into the waiting room who took random to a whole new level. This man practically hopped into the waiting room, barefoot, but carrying his shoes on his hands. Eyebrows raised, the sales associate asked how he could be of service. Apparently, this shoeless - or merely shoe-confused - individual took his shoes off for some odd reason in the freezing weather and could not manage to get them back on. I warned you it was a weird day.

that time I was in the Nissan Taxi of Today Commercial - Louboutins and Love Fashion Blog

Anyway, that happened. The skate sharpening took slightly longer than intended, so when I arrived back at the filming location, the man I spoke to said they no longer needed me. At this point, I realized the commercial was for the "Taxi of Today," and not taxes, so I regrettably went back to work.

I immediately told my boss the tale of events. This is what she said: "Have I taught you nothing? You never pass up an opportunity! Go back now and get in that commercial." If you say so.

I ran back to the tent, went back to the man who caused this whole adventure, and this is what I said: "My boss won't let me back into work unless you put me in the commercial." Bam, I was in.

Mic on, camera flung around my neck to play up my fashion blogger persona, and we were ready to start (right after the director told me I was looking at the wrong camera).

that time I was in the Nissan Taxi of Today Commercial - Louboutins and Love Fashion Blog

The commercial was hosted by two fun, energetic guys, Josh and Vince. The take began with them introducing me and continued with us getting into the Taxi of Today. In the taxi, we talked about the amazing new features such as the complete roof skylight and USB ports in the back. We ended by taking a selfie and screaming "Hail, Yes!"

Who knows if I'll end up in the final cut, but I guess I'll find out next time I take a taxi. If I do actually wind up in the finished take, I'll be the face in that annoying commercial you silence as you get into the cab. Oh, and by the way, I met someone else from Missouri on set. Weird, I tell you. Weird.

xx Esther

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