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Heart Sunglasses And Ruffled Dress

Heart Sunglasses And Ruffled Dress


I have always been one to push fashion boundaries. For the most part I get it right, but occasionally, not so much. My cousin's initial reaction to this outfit was one of complete disdain. After several minutes she conceded that it may not be the worst outfit ever created, but I think it is safe to assume you will either love it or hate it. If you were wondering, I happen to love it.


The sparkly lavender ruffled dress was gifted to me by Necessary Objects. Thank you again for my new summer wardrobe! I am not sure what possessed me to throw this sheer beaded shirt on top of an already busy dress, but I thought it was an interesting combo, so I went for it.


Long gone are the days when it is off limits to copy your friend in her wardrobe choices and my roommate made sure to exercise that right when she bought this shirt the day after my first time wearing it. At least I know one other person likes it. ;)

xx Esther

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