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Mint Green Gown

Mint Green Gown


Mint green is trending. You see it everywhere; in stores, on the street, all over Pinterest. Why then making a mint green dress for my sister's wedding proved to be so difficult completely fathoms me.

After a month of complete procrastination followed by a month of frantic searching for mint green dresses, my family was down to a mere few weeks to whip out gowns for the entire bridal party.

The tight deadline and lack of mint green fabric in stores almost had us reuse the dressmaker responsible for creating the nightmarish satin lavender gown I wore in the ninth grade. Thankfully, that's when Bridgette came in.

I sent Bridgette my measurements using a measuring tape I randomly received on a fashion tour the day prior, and less than a week later, I had a killer dress.

It took a while, but I found the jeweled belt in a trimming store on Fashion Ave and I love how it brings the dress together.

For my hair, I was inspired by multiple pictures of braids that popped up on my Instagram newsfeed. The original hairstyle I saw was a single braid wrapped around a girl's head, but I vetoed having an updo at the wedding so I  had a portion of my hair make the wrap-around braid and left the rest down in waves.

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