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Neon And Stripes

Neon And Stripes

Zara neon top, H&M striped skirt, Rayban sunglasses, Nordstrom Trolley Booties

I am a 90s baby and I am sure anyone born around that time remembers Lite-Brite. Try the best toy ever with little colorful pegs you made pictures with and then watched light up. If you lost me on that brief description, Google it.

Neon reminds me of that brilliant toy and as such, I have acquired quite a liking for it. Because of its extraterrestrial Lite-Brite nature, it is important not to overdose, so I try to mix only one neon piece with a fairly neutral outfit. I am especially a fan of pairing all black attire with some amazing neon heels or a neon bag, like the popular Cambridge Satchel I am positive you have seen around.


What may be considered an anomaly in Saint Louis, Missouri is usually considered normal in NYC. So, after hitting the two year mark of living in New York City, when I felt a stranger wrap his arm around my shoulder to make an appearance in my photoshoot, I did not even blink. Upon turning my head, I realised the stranger was actually part of the maintenance staff in my building. Assuming he had come over to say hello, I asked him about his day only to be met with an introduction including his name and origins. Apparently he did not come to the same realisation I had.

The real awkward moment; however, came when I happened to arrive home later that day at exactly the same time he was walking in the building. Surprise.

xx Esther

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