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White Eyelet Dress

White Eyelet Dress

Aqua white eyelet dress  , vintage necklace,   Vince Camuto Nedra Sandal   in blue goddess

Aqua white eyelet dress, vintage necklace, Vince Camuto Nedra Sandal in blue goddess

I remember wearing eyelet skirts years ago, particularly during my Delia's phase. I used to have this unhealthy addiction to their tee-shirts and bedspreads and actually filled two entire punch cards from my much too frequent purchases. I never could decide what to choose as my free gift though, so I still have those cards sitting in my 13 year old self's hot pink xoxo plastic purse.

Bottom line, eyelet is back and I am wondering if I can cash in those cards right about now... Jokes.


If you haven't noticed yet, either from my pictures or from my straight-up confessions, I love wearing white and now that summer is arriving (although the weather still denies it), expect many more all-white outfit posts.

You can't see in the photo, but the dress scoops in the back, the perfect detail on this adorable LWD.

Hair by Jacquie Zenou
Photo Credit: Elaine Atzmon 

xx Esther

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