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Fedora And Zippered Dress

Fedora And Zippered Dress

Urban Outfitters fedora  , Love Culture dress, Cotton-On   glitter socks  , H&M ring, Steve Madden   ruffle heels

Urban Outfitters fedora, Love Culture dress, Cotton-On glitter socks, H&M ring, Steve Madden ruffle heels

No joke... I was taking lunch with one of my colleagues the other week and as we were walking down the street, money started raining down on us. I looked up, waiting for the hundreds to start falling, but sadly quarters were about as big as it got.

I am actually still unsure of the source of this falling money, but my guess is someone threw a handful bucket-full out their window while driving by. Only in NYC. That being said, it was a pretty good day, so I decided to pull my fedora out and do a shoot.


This fedora has been with me since high school, minus the two years it was hidden unawares in my sister's closet. It's made of a thicker fabric, so I would typically wear it in the winter, but as long as the weather is going to refuse to hit higher than 65, I may as well take advantage of my hat privileges.


I could talk about her for days in annoying, endless run-ons, but Rachel Zoe really is the queen of wearing hats. Google her if you don't believe me. Just saying.

Photo Credit: Ravit Lubell

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