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Best Dressed Of The Night - James Beard Foundation Awards

Best Dressed Of The Night - James Beard Foundation Awards

Catherine Deane Godiva gown  with  red Zara heels (not seen, but a beautiful combo)

Catherine Deane Godiva gown with red Zara heels (not seen, but a beautiful combo)

My friend and I spent the evening walking through the crowds at the James Beard Foundation Awards, scouting out the best dressed attendees. A gate and approximately 10 guards separated us from one too many glamorous event-goers, but we managed to snag a photo of two impeccably dressed women. The seafoam tulle dress pictured above is to die for. The detailing is exquisite and the woman wearing it pretty much owned Lincoln Center tonight. 

Kadette headpiece and   black   Vanessa Noel heels

Kadette headpiece and black Vanessa Noel heels

Not just anyone can pull off a huge feathered headpiece, but Georgette Farkas wore one amazingly with her new and improved little black dress, a piece that has stayed with her for over twenty years in varying lengths.   

The headpiece in discussion was bought from a street vendor named Kadette. I believe those are always the best finds and I am thoroughly inspired right now to reclaim my thrifting days. Wishing you the best with the restaurant, Georgette!

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