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One Jean Romper, Two Ways To Wear It

One Jean Romper, Two Ways To Wear It

jean romper from Israel, H&M white ruffled shirt , Urban Outfitters pink vest, Jellypop booties

jean romper from Israel, H&M white ruffled shirt, Urban Outfitters pink vest, Jellypop booties

I remember the first time I saw a romper. I believe the words, "You have got to be kidding me," crossed my lips. But times have changed and now you can definitely call me a romper fan. I am still saying that about the adult onesie; however, and don't expect that to change - ever.

The 90s have made a major comeback with America's overall obsession with denim these days. I won't say I'm about to go all jean on jean in the near future, but a jean piece mixed into the outfit is one of my favorite looks. You can throw a flowy shirt on top to create a shorts and tee kind of look or add a little vest to let the romper show. Perfect for a relaxed summer day, as every summer day should be.


I was lucky to have my gorgeous cousin, Elaine Atzmon, back for a photoshoot this past weekend. She actually makes modeling look easy, because let me tell you, it's not. I point the camera at her and all of a sudden she's doing 101 different poses, finding the light, and gathering an audience of onlookers. Me on the other hand, the camera goes on and the awkward shy girl I thought I abandoned in the 6th grade comes out. So, my friends who persistently pressure me to upload more pictures of myself, for now, I say let's leave it to the professionals.


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