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DIY Gold Chevron Rings

DIY Gold Chevron Rings


For the last couple years I have been saying how I wish I could wear my rings below my knuckles.. and I finally can! The trend has officially caught up with me and I am in love with these little gold wire rings. Make sure to check out my bow ring tutorial!

I promise these are so easy to make!

What you'll need:
18-20 gauge artistic wire 
wire cutters

Step 1 Cut a piece of wire about 6'' long. 

Step 2 Fold the wire in half and use your pliers to flatten it.

Step 3 Carefully pull the wire apart, making a "V." 

Step 4 Press your finger down firmly over the tip of the "V" and pull the ends around your finger. 

Step 5 Twist the ends together and cut the excess wire. et Voila.. 

Repeat all steps with a slightly smaller length of wire to create the second chevron ring.

xx Esther

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