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DIY Bow Ring Tutorial: Kate Spade Inspired

DIY Bow Ring Tutorial: Kate Spade Inspired


As promised, here are the instructions for how to make a bow ring.

I have spent the last three years in search of the perfect gold pinky ring and I finally found it this past summer at Kate Spade -- only one problem -- it wasn't a pinky ring. It was a bow ring though and it was right then that I fell in love.

I was that 10 year old girl who kept a notebook of Barbie measurements and hand-sewed miniature dresses out of old towels, my then choice fabric. No comment. By the time I was a teenager, I was covering candles in lace and rhinestones and officially proclaiming myself a DIY-er. (Or in 16 year old lingo -- If Mom's not paying, I guess I'll just freaking make it myself). So, when I happened upon a gorgeous picture of a wire bow ring, I obviously took it upon myself to make one.

DIY bow ring tutorial: Kate Spade inspired

What you'll need:
18-20 gauge artistic wire
wire cutters

Step 1 Cut a piece of wire about 6'' long. 

Step 2 Wrap the cut piece of wire around a marker or chapstick, leaving an even amount of wire on each side sticking out. 


Step 3 Use your pliers to form a loop from one of the loose wire ends.


Step 4 Make a second loop using the other end of the wire. The wire from your second loop should overlap the wire from your first loop, making an X.


Step 5 Take the top wire (the end of your second loop), push it through the middle of the ring, and wrap it over the center of the loops. Pull tight. It helps to hold the loops in place with your thumb while performing this step. 


Step 6 Cut excess wire. 


In case you can't tell, these photos were taken on completely different days using completely different ring sizes. As I became more adept in using the jewelry pliers, I used shorter lengths of wire as I prefer particularly tiny bows. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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