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The Glamorous Side Of Vegas

The Glamorous Side Of Vegas

my favorite photo-op with   the hangover   crew

my favorite photo-op with the hangover crew

Business trip in Vegas they said. All expenses paid vacation I heard. Ha jokes, but I am a firm believer in working hard and playing harder. ;) 

The other week, I was given the absolute privilege of accompanying one my favorite companies, Smarty Had A Party, to Vegas to assist in running a booth at the Catersource trade show. Even better, my step-sister was a part of the team as well.

me and my sister in our official Smarty tees

me and my sister in our official Smarty tees

After a long day talking it up with about 500 chefs, party planners, and simply put, strangers, one of our manufacturers took us out for dinner. It was there that my sister and I were offered a grand tour of Vegas. We love you Yoshi! 

Vegas newbies and all, our tour guides wanted to make sure we did this right, so first things first, they got us a limo. 


It took me approximately 2.5 seconds to realize that hotel lobbies in Vegas are actually tourist attractions and I may just want to set up camp in one because they are so insanely beautiful.

We checked out the Palazzo and then headed over to the Venetian, my personal favorite spot (shown above). The hotel is a masterful replica of Venice, Italy -- gondola rides, singing people, and sky included.  

the palazzo hotel

the palazzo hotel

Next was the most incredible fountain show I have ever witnessed at the Bellagio. The Bellagio lobby was also incredible and it made me feel as if I was in Alice and Wonderful. The entire room was covered in flowers. There were even massive ladybugs created out of flowers. I got my signature mojito and my sister and I headed back to our hotel.  


The second day of the trade show, I took some time to admire all the other booths, start an airbrush tattoo collection, and watch as my boss put others to shame in the "walking with a plate tower on your head" contest. 

After the show wrapped up, my sister and I went to the Circus, Circus hotel to check out the indoor amusement park and relax by the pool. 

Since our trip seemingly revolved around admiring hotel lobbies, it was necessary to make a stop at the Cosmopolitan. I was absolutely thrilled to see a pop-up wedding chapel when we walked in and my sister and I made sure to ask about being witnesses for any upcoming weddings. Sadly, Wednesday night is a slow night in the Vegas wedding industry, but the workers let us try on veils and play with the props.


When the workers proposed that we get married on a whim, we explained how we are sisters for one. And two, no. They told us that was not an acceptable excuse since two brothers had married there recently. Vegas really has seen it all. 

We then went back to the Venetian where I had my first gambling experience and learned my lesson to cash out when ahead. Goodbye money. I still love you Vegas.


xx Esther

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