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DIY Flower Tee

DIY Flower Tee


Started and finished in one day -- Project Runway style.

fringe skirt by Zara, fur lined booties by Jellypop, flower tee by me

fringe skirt by Zara, fur lined booties by Jellypop, flower tee by me

In case you want to make one too, I've left instructions below. 

What you'll need: 
white tee
fabric scissors
white fabric
black fabric 
white thread
sewing needle

1. Find a simple flower outline online, print it, and use it as a stencil to cut out approximately 30 flowers from white fabric (I used an old sheet). Pin the stencil to your fabric so it does not move while you cut. Layer the fabric to cut out many at a time.


2. Next, cut out a matching number of black circles (I used an old tank top). I cut out the center of my original flower stencil to use as a new stencil for the dots.


3. Through much trial and error, I found that the easiest way to attach the flowers is by first sewing the white cutouts onto the tee. Sew the entire middle portion of the flower down, only leaving the petals free. There is no specific pattern for placing the flowers, but leave approximately half an inch between them. Have a couple flowers slightly stick off the tee around the neck to make a really cute neckline.


4. Use a gluegun to glue a black circle onto the center of each flower. Super glue surprisingly does not work at all. Krazy glue does work, but I prefer working with glue guns. 


Photo Credit: Ravit Lubell 
xx Esther

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