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Inside The Christian Louboutin Private Sample Sale

I recently went to the Christian Louboutin sample sale for my second time and realized I never published this post I wrote from my first experience there last year. The line was longer this year and I had the privilege of inviting a plus 1, but the details in this post definitely still hold true, so here ya go. Indulge.

The first time I heard about the Louboutin private sample sale was at my friend’s family friends’ house approximately 2 years ago. My friend took me over there for lunch one day and my blog came up almost immediately. Everyone loved the name, the mom especially, who apparently has a collection of over 50 pairs of Louboutins. Anyway, we got to talking and she started asking me how many pairs I own. It’s a question I get a lot, and shockingly, the answer was, “None,” until two days ago (a story for another post). She then proceeded to tell me that I should look into the Louboutin sample sale, because it’s a perfect place to get pairs for around $300 each (compared to the usual $700 minimum price tag). I was beyond excited to hear that Louboutin had a sale and I immediately started making plans in my head to go. That is until she uttered those 3 dream crushing words, “It’s invite Only.”

These last three years have been quite the adventure, filled with sleepless nights and early call times, but I feel like it was all worth it. Actually, I know it was, because I just got back from the Louboutin sample sale! The sale is crazy secretive, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I scoured the internet last night looking for clues, but all I found were a few articles speculating sale dates or giving condolences to all those who were not invited. I played by the rules and didn’t take any pictures inside the sale (mainly because I didn’t want to get blacklisted and thrown out), but here’s my in-depth, detailed rundown of the event.