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10 NYC Experiences Everyone Should Have // Green Floral Dress + White Booties

10 NYC Experiences Everyone Should Have // Green Floral Dress + White Booties

When I was in college, my cousins and I had THE best time living it up in New York City. We would do the usual activities, like go to Broadway shows and play beer pong at Jake’s Dilemma, but it’s the other experiences we had that truly made me fall for this city. So here is your ultimate checklist to 10 experiences you need to have in New York City.

  1. Be a part of a TV show audience

    The best part… it’s free! Just Google what shows are filmed in NYC and sign up for tickets. I was able to attend Jimmy Fallon, as well as America’s Got Talent 3 times. I even got to see Lady Gaga perform this way at the Stephen Colbert show.

  2. Be an extra on TV

    Anyone can do it! Sign up on sites like Sylvia Fay Casting, fill out your profile, and then apply when you fit the description. I used to have the best time doing this. The sets were always filled with snacks and since the actual work doesn’t take long, you basically get paid to hang out.

  3. Then She Fell

    If you’re into immersive theatre, just trust me and go. It takes place in an old hospital ward and you spend the evening interacting with the characters from Alice In Wonderland. Tickets are pricey, but it was one of the coolest things I ever did. Sleep No More is another really awesome immersive theatre experience.

  4. Improv at UCB

    Big names perform there randomly and some shows are free.

  5. Play board games while you drink

    My favorite rec for this is E’s Bar on the UWS. Nothing like playing Candy Land over margaritas.

  6. Trivia Night

    Google trivia night for your favorite TV shows and you’re guaranteed to find a bar hosting. Friends trivia is always my favorite.

  7. Have a bbq on the beach

    My friends and I hosted a beach bbq for my old roommate a few years back in Coney Island and it was one of the greatest days ever. We swam in the ocean, went on the rides, and finished the day with hot dogs and watermelon. So fun!

  8. Check out the speakeasies

    My cousin just recommended one behind an ice cream shop on the UES and I need to go now!

  9. Wander through art galleries in Chelsea

    You wind up seeing some seriously awesome (sometimes bizarre) artwork and there’s often alcohol.

  10. Laser tag at Chelsea Piers

    Get a group together or just go with a friend. It’s always a good time and since there’s so much else to do at Chelsea Piers, you can make a whole night of it with cocktails, arcades, and bowling.

Add your own recommendations in the comments below!

Photography: Chaya Ross

xx Esther

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