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Are We Moving In The End? // Cold Shoulder Fruit Dress

Are We Moving In The End? // Cold Shoulder Fruit Dress

I’ve had a one-track mind for the past month wondering if my husband and I would be moving. We love our current place, but after finding out we’re in one of the more expensive buildings in our neighborhood, we figured we’d see what else was available. I got a referral for a realty company that is known to have the best deals, along with a notorious reputation for staffing horrible people, but we gave it a shot. They showed us one place that we immediately declined and with one week left to resign our lease or go homeless, we figured that would be the end of our search. 

The realtor called us a few days later saying a new place opened up, so we ran over to see it immediately. It was smaller than our current apartment, but had a second bedroom, natural light, and an incredible price tag, so we jumped on it. Little did we know that the realty company would make us jump through a million hoops just to apply, but we kept pushing and started preparing ourselves for curveballs with every step. They were rude, obnoxious, and I can’t even tell you how many times we were ready to walk away, but we did the math and the amount of money we would save made us keep trying. We wouldn’t save much the first year after the hefty broker’s fee and moving costs, but by year two, we’d be saving thousands.

Long story VERY short, it took them a month to approve us after which they refused to let us have an October 1 move in date, only September 15, so we had to decide if it was worth signing since it meant we would still have to pay the full month of September where we live now. They were completely inflexible, but after consulting everyone we know, we caved and agreed to sign the lease. So, YES, we will be moving sometime this month.

They even made signing the lease difficult and are still giving us issues with moving in, but it’s official, we’re moving! We’ve literally been in denial for the past couple days since the process has been so draining, but we finally started packing this morning, so here’s to new adventures. 

Wish us luck! 

xx Esther

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