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July 3, 2019 // Leopard Dress + Pearl Hair Clips

July 3, 2019 // Leopard Dress + Pearl Hair Clips

My Instagram likes have plummeted recently, so I’m sitting here reminiscing about the good old days when blogging used to be a way to literally document your life online and pictures were optional. Apparently there are over 500 million bloggers in the world these days, so to say the competition has gotten fierce is an understatement. That’s not to say there are 500 million QUALITY bloggers out there, but to put things into perspective, when I started 6 years ago, I had only ever heard of one - Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. I’m not even sure how I landed on her site, but I absolutely loved her style and immediately became a loyal reader since I didn’t even know similar sites existed. Nowadays, you have to constantly brainstorm ways to cut through the noise and get seen. Every. Single. Day. Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m tired of the never-ending hustle just to get views, so while everyone else is trying to out-create each other on Instagram, I figured I’d spend some time on the blog and take it back to more life oriented posts. Here’s what’s new… 

Tonight marks my least favorite part of summer… the night my husband starts sleeping upstate for his job. Thankfully, this summer he negotiated only having to sleep there one night a week, but as he still comes home around 1-3am every other night, I can’t say I’m thrilled. I’m far from a bored housewife, but I’m not sure I ever liked being home alone. Even when I had my own apartment in Paris, I constantly invited my friends to sleep over. I actually already have a sleepover with my cousin planned for next week while my husband will be away, so at least I’m looking forward to a fun girls’-night-in. Two, in fact, because I was invited to another girls’-night-in of pampering, pizza, and personalized pajamas with a haircare brand two weeks from now. SO excited!

Other than that, we got our new lease and with the newest spike in our rent, we’re seriously considering moving. The only question is where… Ideally, we want to stop paying rent altogether and buy a house already, but again, the question of where comes to play. We’re not even opposed to leaving New York, but obviously it would have to make sense for both of us. I can pretty much work from anywhere, but my husband would have to figure out a new line of work. 

In better news, I managed to get all our laundry done today, which was quite a lot after hosting so much this month, and I knocked out two campaigns a week before their deadlines! The migraine I had all day also just subsided, so I’m going to go celebrate with a glass of wine and the newest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, wearing my DONNA blue light blocking glasses that I found on Amazon. If you’re watching, let me know your thoughts on the new season! 

Leopard Dress: Anthem
Black Sandals: Vince Camuto
Peal Hair Clips: Amazon
Black Clutch: Etienne Aigner

Photography: Laurel Creative

xx Esther

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