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Why People Should Stop Hating On Bloggers // Pink Leopard Set

Why People Should Stop Hating On Bloggers // Pink Leopard Set

In today’s post, I wanted to appeal to the logical reasons why people should stop hating on bloggers. If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you don’t harbor said negative feelings, but if you ever hang out in the comment sections on super popular influencers’ pages, you’ll be exposed to some pretty horrific opinions. Let’s just say there are a lot of people out there who seem to want bloggers dead.

I feel like I’ve discussed the emotional effects of social media bullying ad nauseam, so today I’m taking a more logical approach. I get it, some bloggers can be THE WORST, showing off all the gifts brands send them and posting selfies all day. Then there’s the way some act entitled or walk around with a “better than thou” attitude, but forget about all that because if you put your feelings aside, you’ll be able to recognize how the rise of the blogging community has brought with it some pretty positive effects.

  1. It’s an artist’s market.
    Do you know how hard it is to make it as an artist? Do you also know that bloggers pay their photographers $100-$400+ per shoot? Videographers make double and we also pay for web design, logo design, graphics, tech support etc… The blogging industry has brought tremendous opportunity to the artist community as a whole.

  2. Mental health awareness.
    With the rise of social media authenticity, more and more bloggers are bringing awareness to very important mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and even eating disorders. They are breaking the stigma and encouraging their followers to seek the help they need.

  3. Retail support.
    It’s no secret, retail stores are hurting, but do you know who can help? Bloggers! Arielle Charnas of Something Navy drove more than a million dollars in sales in only 24 hours with the launch of her Nordstrom collection. That’s huge!

  4. Moms can work from home.
    One of the aspects of blogging that actually keeps me motivated is that one day I will have a family and if I want to, I can be a WORKING stay at home mom. While blogging is time consuming, it’s incredible that stay at home moms now have the opportunity to contribute to the workforce, without giving up their flexibility.

  5. Opportunities for small businesses.
    Social media has made it so much easier for new brands to connect with potential customers and bloggers are able to help them get on the map.

  6. So. Many. New. Jobs.
    As this is a logical appeal, let’s keep talking about all the new jobs created because of the blogging industry. There are entire companies now dedicated to facilitating brand partnerships, as well as agencies that represent individual influencers. Many bloggers also hire personal assistants, project managers, and even PAID interns.

  7. A rise in charitable efforts.
    Bloggers have the ability to use their platforms to share important charities with thousands of people and make a powerful impact in the world.

Have another reason? Let me know in the comments below.

Photography: Laurel Creative

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