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How Ricardo Luggage Keeps Me Organized // The Cupertino Collection

How Ricardo Luggage Keeps Me Organized // The Cupertino Collection

It’s pretty obvious by now how much I love Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage because their suitcases have traveled with me to six countries already. They’ll also be coming with me to St. Louis next week when I visit my family for Passover. I was originally introduced to Ricardo luggage via the Arris collection, which I brought with me on my honeymoon. The bags were everything my husband I were looking for and you can find my full review on the blog, but these days I’ve been using the Cupertino carry-on. The Cupertino has the hard case I love, with the added bonus of a quick-access zippered front compartment -- game changer!

When my husband and I booked our most recent trip to Portugal, Barcelona, and London, we both agreed only to bring carry-on’s to avoid having to deal with baggage check. We had the Arris carry-on from our honeymoon, but we each needed one, so I went on Ricardo’s site, which is how I how I found the Cupertino. It was love at first sight as soon as I saw the exterior pockets. I love traveling with hard case luggage in order to protect my hats and other crushable items, but the downside is that it’s a bit of a hassle to take out your laptop during security. The Cupertino is the solution. The external pockets fit my laptop, a sweater, and some plane snacks, so going through security was seamless. I even threw a pair of socks in the pocket to wear while my shoes went through the machine.

My other favorite feature of the Cupertino is the USB port by the handle. The port connects to an external charger that sits in a designated pocket inside the suitcase, so you can easily plug your phone in while you’re running through the airport. Very handy!

It’s honestly just an overall great suitcase with 360° dual spinner wheels, a separate pocket to place a Tile Bluetooth tracker, and functional pocket space. A practical design is vital when packing in just a carry-on because every inch of space becomes so precious, and if you’ve been following for awhile, you know I light to travel light. It’s a lot harder to pack in only a carry-on as a blogger, but somehow I always manage, and here’s how Ricardo’s Cupertino Suitcase helped me make it happen on my latest trip:

  1. In order to save room, I stick to dresses when I travel. Each dress is a full outfit and can be rolled pretty small. The bulk of them fit perfectly in my Stephanie Johnson x Ricardo Claire Jumbo Makeup Case, which I ended up using as a very stylish packing cube. My only regret is not getting the matching medium case to actually store my makeup.

  2. One side of the suitcase zips completely, which made it the perfect space to store my shoes and bags. I was able to arrange them flat, throw a jacket on top, and secure them in place with the zipper closure.

  3. The mesh pocket on the outside of the side that zips was perfect for packing bralettes and swimsuits.

  4. The little pocket on the side perfectly fit my underwear, which I rolled up and packed neatly in a row.

  5. The removable transparent pouch is brilliant for packing TSA approved liquids, but I actually used it for my jewelry. I’m so used to my jewelry bag getting lost at the bottom of my suitcase, so it was amazing having everything so accessible. The removable feature was also so convenient when my bag had to be gate-checked on one of our flights, since I was able to simply reach into my bag and grab my jewels.

  6. The adjustable compression panels kept all my clothes from shifting during the flight.

  7. I know I already mentioned the external pocket, but the quick-access compartment was incredible since I was able to separate out everything I needed for the plane and security check.

  8. Lastly, the suitcase is expandable, which is somehow always necessary for the journey home. A great tip is to actually pack without using the expansion so you’ll have the necessary space for souvenirs or whatever else you pick up along your trip on your flight back.

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