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Dressing Up My Democracy Denim

Dressing Up My Democracy Denim

If I had to define my style, it would probably be something along the lines of feminine casual since I just love the juxtaposition of elegant and relaxed. With that in mind, I started this look with a pair of the most comfortable, yet fitted jeans I own, Democracy’s “Ab”solution denim. The first thing I noticed when I tried them on was the elastic “No Gap” waistband, which makes sure the jeans stay in place as you move around. They’re also very forgiving with their Slimming Mesh Panels which help flatten and smooth, as well as expand when necessary, still hugging all the right parts. Lastly, these jeans offer a Booty Lift with Sweetheart Yolk & Darts. Enough said, they’re awesome. I went with the Ankle Skimmers in white because I love the fit and they’re just the right length for my 5’3’’ self.

While I may be able to define my style now, it actually took me awhile to get here. I went through quite a long style evolution of awkward phases and seriously inaccurate fashion rules. When I was younger, I was actually convinced the only colors that match denim are black and white. I was also positive that prints fell in the same limited category. Needless to say, it took my sisters a long time to persuade me otherwise, but once I came to terms that fashion is all about mixing and matching and having fun, I most definitely did. I started putting together the most outrageous looks, like a full on embellished ruffle dress styled with black fishnet stockings over bold colorful tights. I even started pairing my leggings with heels, but I would tuck the backs of the leggings into my shoes, a trend I actually saw done in Vogue months later. It was as if I had some fashion enlightenment where I felt the need to push the style boundaries until I found my center.

Experimenting with fashion is what makes it fun, but I’ve come to find that a classic foundation is the best place to start and that’s what makes these white “Ab”solution Jeans so perfect. Not only are they timeless, but they’re versatile too, so can easily be dressed up or down. I love a good jeans and tee look, but in order to get the feminine casual vibe I so love, I decided to style this look with a pair of heels and a double dose of leopard. Make sure to pick up your own pair of “AB”SOLUTION JEANS and let me know how you style them!


xx Esther

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