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What Do Bloggers Do With All The Free Products They Receive? // Red Pleated Dress + Black Belt Bag

What Do Bloggers Do With All The Free Products They Receive? // Red Pleated Dress + Black Belt Bag

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me what I do with all the “free” products I receive… Since I get the question so often, I figured I’d dedicate a post to my response. I currently have a walk in closet stuffed from floor to ceiling with every makeup and skincare product imaginable, eyeshadow palettes, hair masks, moisturizers, you name it. My husband and I call it “The Store” because whenever we’re out of shampoo or something, we head to the closet and just choose a new one from the 20+ options. It’s fun having a stocked beauty closet with a seemingly never-ending supply of goodies, but it’s excessive and frankly impossible to go through so many products before they all expire. It also probably wouldn’t be good for my skin to use so many different products simultaneously.

I actually recently went on a Hamptons retreat with a beauty magazine editor who is having major skin issues which her dermatologist said stemmed from trying out too many products at once. Like bloggers, magazines receive an endless supply of beauty products to test, and after trying a little of everything, this editor’s skin simply couldn’t handle it anymore and started peeling as a result. That’s good enough of a warning for me, so I definitely limit how many products I use daily and I stick to a pretty consistent skincare routine, switching out products as they run out.

So what do I do with all the excess?

  1. Give Them Away.
    Anyone that works with me always gets a swag bag and if you ever come to my apartment, guaranteed you’ll leave with souvenirs. I also haul tons of products back to St. Louis for my family whenever I go visit.

  2. Donate Them.
    There are so many different causes you can give to, including local shelters that always appreciate the product donations.

  3. Sell Them.
    Always heavily discounted, but I love doing closet clearout sales.

  4. Save Them.
    Since there are so many products I want to try, but can’t until I finish whatever I’m currently using, I save a bunch for later.

  5. Create Travel Pouches With Them.
    I use the travel sized products to create ready-to-go beauty pouches, one for a weekend getaway and the other for a longer vacation. It makes packing pretty seamless.

  6. Use Them In A Toiletry Basket For Guests.
    Since we live in a one bedroom, I can’t say I’ve been able to do this yet, but when we eventually upgrade, I’d love to keep a basket of products in our guest room with anything our guests may have forgotten or may need during their stay.

    For a list of products I’m currently using and loving, check out My Daily Skincare Routine post.


    Red Pleated Dress: ASOS
    Black Belt Bag: Henri Bendel (c/o)
    Black Braided Sandals: Vince Camuto (c/o)

    Photography: Jackie Soffer of By Jackie and Shelly

    xx Esther

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