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#TeamSassy vs #TeamSweet // Clarins

#TeamSassy vs #TeamSweet // Clarins

I reviewed Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil awhile back, but now there’s a new player in town, the Water Lip Stain, and they’re going “head-to-head in a battle of sweet vs sassy.” The Lip Oil is #TeamSweet since it gives subtle color and a beautiful sheen, but the Water Lip Stain, aka #TeamSassy, offers buildable matte color that lasts up to 300 kisses.

The Lip Oil can be worn alone as a moisturizer or it can be applied before or after lipstick as either a primer or a gloss. I’m wearing it as a gloss here and love the subtle shine it gives my lips. The Lip Oil comes in 7 shades and I’m wearing Candy, which actually reacts to your lips’ PH to give you a customized shade of pink. The lip oil also has plumping benefits and a big paddle shaped applicator, which actually feels like velvet. The formula is thick, but the oil melts on your lips and leaves them feeling hydrated and soft.  

The Water Lip Stain on the other hand is a lightweight, water-based lip tint that gets deeper in color with every coat. It’s not like anything I’ve ever tried before since it goes on watery, yet instantly dries matte. The Water Lip Stain comes in 4 shades and I’m wearing Rose Water in these photos. It comes out bright pink with hints of orange undertones. You can wear it alone or under lipstick, which I actually like doing since then when your lipstick wears off, your lips still have color. An even bigger plus is that it moisturizes, softens, and protects your lips from natural aggressors.

Both the Lip Oil and Water Lip Stain come in transparent containers, but they definitely offer different benefits. #TeamSweet Lip Oil is for the girl who prefers subtle color and #TeamSassy is for the bolder type. While the Lip Oil has been a great addition to my beauty routine over the last year or so, I have to say I’m officially #TeamSassy. I love a good bold lip and especially one that stays in place. Which team are YOU on? Let me know in the comments.

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*Thank you Clarins for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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