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Guide To Enjoying Your First Family Holiday // Guest Post

Guide To Enjoying Your First Family Holiday // Guest Post

When you are alone, it is much easier to just throw a few clothes into a backpack and take off for your holiday. Everything then changes when a new member comes into the picture. Once you have a baby, nothing will ever be the same again. While you can always take them to grandma or get a nanny for when you will be away, at some point you will drag them along on the holiday too. Your first holiday together is always the most hectic since you are clueless about most things. Here are tips to help make your first family holiday a smooth ride.

Get prepared early enough
Spontaneity was fun when you were alone. Now it is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. Family vacations need to be planned down to the last detail. You need to know how you will travel, where you will stay, etc. You might even need to book your destination resort in advance. When planning for a trip, the baby’s needs and safety comes first. This often means finding fun in activities that would bore an adult to death. The cost of a family vacation isn’t as cheap as it is for a backpacker too.

Checking in at the airport
If you are not alert, you could easily lose your baby. The little fellow will want to run around and you need to be very watchful. Keeping them orderly to avoid angry looks and comments from irritable airport staff and other travelers is also going to be quite a task. Their excitement cannot allow them to calm down. Always make sure the necessary documents are sorted out so that you don’t take long at the clearance. Never forget to enquire beforehand about what items are allowed and what is not allowed through check-in. Some baby stuff may be on the ban list.

Plan for emergencies
Sometimes, things go wrong when they shouldn’t. Such moments should never find you unprepared especially if you are with a baby. Always have essential first aid stuff with you and stay in a place you can easily access emergency services. Again, check airport regulations and hotel policies on what can be allowed in and the quantity acceptable before you get arrested for trafficking. A Bug Out Bag is always a necessity too.

Enjoying your stay
All your entertainment plans will have to factor in your little companion. This certainly means no casinos, no nightclubs, and sometimes, no catching up on your favorite novel. Even when they are playing at the kids’ club in the hotel, they will still need your attention. This does not mean you will never have some alone time, it will just be too little for your enjoyment. The best thing is that you get time to bond with your baby- they will always want to cuddle you at night and won’t accept the cot the hotel provides. Even if there are other kids at the hotel who they can play with, always have some time to play together.

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