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Canadian Tuxedo + White Mules // Do You Need Money To Be A Blogger?

Canadian Tuxedo + White Mules // Do You Need Money To Be A Blogger?

When people aren’t asking me if I get everything for free, they’re asking me if you need to be rich to start a blog. The short answer is ‘No,’ but as with anything, the more you invest in something, the greater the result will be. The cool part about blogging is that it really doesn’t take much to start. You can get a free website from Blogger or Wix, use your iPhone to take photos, and edit using the endless amount of free apps you can find in the App Store. Some of the most successful bloggers still use their iPhones to take photos, so if that’s what you can afford right now, there’s really nothing wrong with it, as long as you are producing quality content.

I started blogging in my last semester of college, so I definitely did not have money to start buying expensive equipment or hiring photographers, but there were a few expenses that I thought were important, regardless of my budget.

  1. Domain Name.
    I think it’s very important to own your website name. The last thing you’d want is to spend a year or two building a business, only to have someone else snag the name from under you. Thankfully, it only costs about $15 a year using sites like
  2. Web Design.
    When I first started, I taught myself basic HTML and Googled absolutely every design question, but my site was still lacking that beautiful, clean feel. A few years in, my mentor introduced me to Squarespace, which has completely changed the game for me. It costs $96 a year, but I have beautiful template options and a very user-friendly backend. For a more customized look, I would recommend using Wordpress and hiring a designer, but Squarespace is an easy, affordable alternative.
  3. DSLR Camera.
    This was a pretty pricey investment, but I am very picky about the quality of my photos. I like sharp images with depth, so my iPhone just didn’t cut it for me. I’ve been using my camera at least once a week for the last few years, so it was money well spent.

Once you have a website and a quality camera, the rest is up to you. If you want to enter the high-end market, you may have to invest in designer clothes. If you want more consistent images, maybe you need to start paying for Lightroom. If you want to create video, you probably need to buy some good lighting equipment.

There are plenty of bloggers who make due with the minimum, but every time you invest in a new lens or a professional photographer or plane tickets to Bali to get those gorgeous Pinterest worthy images, you are simply pushing yourself further and faster to success. You are giving yourself an edge in a very competitive industry. The hope is that every investment will lead to bigger and better brand partnerships, but everything takes time and there’s no guarantee. I can say from my own experiences though that the investments I’ve made have always been worth it, even if I don’t immediately reap the rewards.  

Chambray Shirt: Gap
Jean Skirt: ASOS (c/o)
Light Pink Circle Bag: The Daily Edited (c/o)
White Criss Cross Mules: Kenneth Cole (c/o)

xx Esther

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Floral Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress + Espadrille Wedges // My Top 3 Rules Of Business

Floral Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress + Espadrille Wedges // My Top 3 Rules Of Business

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