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Six Products To Achieve A Perfect Tan // Guest Post

Six Products To Achieve A Perfect Tan // Guest Post

With summer well and truly on its way many of us will be thinking about that perfect tan, while avoiding all the dangers and skin damage associated with too much time in the sun. But luckily there are many products available which can help us achieve a natural bronzed glow without exposure to UV rays.

If you want to achieve the perfect fake tan and avoid the dreaded orange striped look, then there are a number of stages which need to be carried out before you even think about opening the tanning bottle. Here are our top six products for achieving that perfect tan:

1. An exfoliating body brush

Before you even think about applying a tan or going for a spray tan, you need to exfoliate your whole body so invest in an exfoliating body brush. Your tan will be more even and smooth if you go through this process first.

You need to remove all dead skin cells from your body using the brush first; otherwise they will come off after your tan, leaving you with a patchy uneven look.

Don’t use the brush on your face; opt for an exfoliating scrub instead, to make sure your face is clean and clear.

Use the body brush on the rest of your body, while in the shower. Use the brush under hot water to clear away dead skin, before applying your body wash and then rinse with cool water to close your pores leaving an even skin surface.

Rub yourself dry with a towel as this motion will also help to remove any dead skin left behind after the shower. After this process your skin should be smooth and even.

2. An oil-free moisturiser

Dry areas of skin will absorb more of the fake tan colour than the rest of your skin, creating a strange look, so make sure you hydrate all of these dry areas with an oil-free moisturiser before you start applying tan.

The moisturiser will help to create a barrier between your skin and the fake tan, avoiding dark patches and keeping your glow looking natural. Apply the moisturiser to your palms, feet, elbows, knuckles and cuticles and make sure it is all completely absorbed.

3. A self-tanning mitt

A sure fire way to end up with unwanted fake tan streaks, not to mention orange figures, is to apply it using your hands. You will achieve a much better look by investing in a self-tanning mitt to apply the self-tan.

The mitt creates a clean smooth surface which will help to achieve flawless tan coverage. It is best to start with your feet and work your way up your body using vertical strokes. Don’t use this for your face though – invest in a smaller mitt which is specifically for facial application.

If your self-tan comes in the form of wipes then you don’t need the mitt but make sure you keep the wipe flat against your skin at all times so you don’t end up with streaks and splotches from the wipes as well.

4. A hair dryer

While it may not be the most obvious product to use when creating the perfect tan, a hairdryer on a cool setting is the perfect tool to help speed up the drying and developing process when using your fake tan lotion.

5. Cleansing wipes

You will need to have some cleansing wipes to hand to clean away any excess lotion to avoid drips, and also to wipe it from your hands, as well as your fingernails and toenails. Wipes are a really easy way to make sure there are no nasty orange surprises once you have finished.

6. Brush on bronzer

If you don’t like using fake tan on your face, then opt for a bronzer instead, which you can just remove before you go to bed. For a natural glow just replace your normal face powder with bronzing powder and you will achieve an instant facial glow without any faff or risk.

When planning a perfect tan, doing some preparation work on your skin beforehand really will make a big difference to the results. Make sure to follow the exfoliation and moisturising steps before beginning to apply any kind of fake tan.

If using fake tan is too much of a hassle but you still want to avoid the sun and the sun beds, then your other option is to pay someone else to apply the tan for you and opt for a spray tan with a professional beauty salon.

That way you know that the streaks and potential issues from applying it yourself can be easily avoided. Whether you go to the salon, do it yourself, or just opt for a coating of bronzing powder, there are many options without risking baking in the sun’s rays.

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