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2019 Blogging Goals // Happy New Year

2019 Blogging Goals // Happy New Year

Nothing changed but the date, but there’s something that feels so good about a new year. A fresh start, endless possibilities… I’m happy to say, I reached many of my 2018 blogging goals, but to be honest, I think I played it too safe, so this year, I’m raising the bar because who knows how much longer the influencer industry will thrive. Since I started blogging in 2013, every year companies have been increasing their influencer marketing budgets, but that doesn’t mean the strategies will stay the same. It’s possible money will be allocated completely differently in 2019 or that Instagram will fizzle like Vine and Tumblr once did. That means we bloggers have to keep pushing, creating, and thinking outside the box. We can’t afford to keep all our eggs in one basket, so let 2019 be the year of diversifying and surpassing our own expectations.

My 2019 Blogging Goals:

  1. Create more video.
    Not only does video pay a lot more than a standard blog post, but it’s an amazing way to connect with your audience. As the industry shifts more towards video campaigns, it’s also important to move with the times and get on board as soon as possible.

  2. Start a newsletter.
    This is a great way to directly reach your audience and alert them of a new post or life updates. At the end of the day, the only platform you have complete control over is your blog, so collecting subscribers and creating an email community is extremely important.

  3. Utilize my blog more for travel.
    When my husband and I went to Europe this past summer, I collaborated with one hotel in Paris, and it was unbelievable. We were greeted with flowers and champagne in the most incredible suite we could never afford. Since my husband isn’t a photographer, working with hotels isn’t as simple as it sounds, but I’d love to find a way to do more of it, especially since our next vacation is currently in the works.  

  4. Get an assistant.
    I’ve very torn about this one since I’ve had many revolving interns in the past, but what I’m looking for is someone dedicated to my brand who wants to grow with me. I don’t plan to be proactive in my search, but with my workload constantly growing, I’m very open to hiring the right fit.

  5. Start using my editorial calendar.
    It’s really crazy that I’m still spending so much time every morning figuring out what I’m posting that day, especially since I have to make sure my grid stays consistent while working with specific campaign deadlines. For whatever reason, planning is not my strength, but this goal is vital to having a more productive 2019.

  6. Wake up earlier.
    This will continue to go on the list until I master it for more than 2 weeks at a time.

  7. Boost my Instagram engagement.
    I don’t know how yet, but in 2019, I want to double my engagement rate to 2%.

  8. Track my blogging expenses!
    One of my least favorite parts of my job is dealing with the finances. Thankfully, my mother does my taxes, but I am terrible at keeping track of my work expenses, like all the photo props and editing apps I buy.

  9. Secure at least one campaign per week.
    Work comes and goes as a blogger, but I’d like to utilize my relationships to make it more regular in 2019 so that I feel more financially stable and can start scheduling weekly photoshoots.

  10. Create a preset.
    This was also on my last list of goals, but unfortunately, my current laptop won’t let me download Lightroom. That won’t be an issue soon though since I plan on getting a new laptop pretty soon! I really wanted my MacBook to hit the 5 year mark, but as of last week, it’s telling me to replace the battery, which I just don’t want to do for a worn computer that I already put $600 into fixing two years ago. It’s time to upgrade for the sake of my business and once I do, downloading Lightroom and creating a preset will be my first priority. I spend way too long editing photos, so 2019 will be all about finding an easy way to keep my photos consistent.

What are your goals for 2019?

Photography: Laurel Creative

xx Esther

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