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A Blogger’s Guide To Turning Your S.O. Into Your Photographer // Cold Shoulder Floral Dress

A Blogger’s Guide To Turning Your S.O. Into Your Photographer // Cold Shoulder Floral Dress

My husband would probably rather get a root canal than take my pictures, but over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks to get him behind the lens, not all the time, but just enough. Having an Instagram Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend seriously changes the game because it means you can create content whenever, wherever. You can literally travel the world and get all your hotel stays sponsored, just knowing that your husband will be there to help you get the shot. You’ll save time, money, and a whole lot of frustration trying to plan and schedule photoshoots (although shooting with your husband brings its own kind of stress). It also helps keep your Instagram grid consistent since you only have one person taking your photos. The list goes on, but my point is that having an Instagram husband makes the blogger life a whole lot easier.

Surprisingly, the hardest part really isn’t getting your s.o. to pick up a camera. The first time is new and kind of exciting, but since it usually turns into a stress-filled event with you yelling orders and your husband struggling with the settings, he’ll probably become scarred and swear never to use a camera again. So here are my tips for a successful start and hopefully long partnership together. Take ‘em or leave ‘em.

  1. Make the first time you shoot together VERY enjoyable.
    This one’s for newbie bloggers because unfortunately for me and a whole lot of other bloggers I know, we kinda ruined that one. Don’t get frustrated if your husband isn’t getting a good shot or keeps cutting off your feet and just have fun. You shouldn’t be relying on him to take your campaign pictures during your first shoot; instead you should spend the time focused on showing him how to adjust the settings. Shoot in the most even light possible to avoid certain frustrations (i.e. shadows on your face or dark pictures) and maybe plan a lunch date following the lesson so you both have something to look forward to, as well as a pre-established cut-off time. If you set the scene right, the next time you ask him to help you get some photos, he won’t be as tempted to run.

  2. Feel out the mood.
    Unless you and your s.o. have an actual conversation that he will now be your on-demand photographer, do not rely on him for campaigns and make sure to feel out the mood before asking him to shoot with you. Is he stressed from work? Did he just get home sweaty from the gym? Was he looking forward to a lazy Sunday all week? Get him in a good mood, so shooting with you will become a positive experience rather than a dreaded chore. He’ll love making you happy and might even start enjoying the photography aspect.

  3. Compliment his work.

    Maybe he didn’t get the best shots because guess what... he’s not a photographer(!), but show him the ones you love the most and praise his work.

  4. Thank him.

    He is doing you a favor, after all, so thank him Every. Single. Time.

  5. Bribe him.

    Make him feel appreciated for helping you and make it worth his while. I give my husband any gift cards that comes my way. That way he feels like he’s reaping the rewards too.

  6. Explain how his helping you could benefit him too.

    Are you saving up for a house together? Have you been wanting to get away, but can’t due to a tight budget? Tell him how his photographing you will not just allow you to put more in savings, but can even open doors to travel the world together.

  7. Keep it casual.

    Rather than ask your s.o. to wake up at the crack of dawn for a 2 hour, 3 outfit photoshoot, keep it casual and ask him to take your picture while you’re already out and about. It’s a great way to get content and everyone always loves in the moment shots.

  8. Limit your requests.

    Don’t take advantage of your s.o.’s kindness. Unless he either offers or agrees to start taking all of your photos, it’s best only to ask him every once in awhile or whenever you’re in a bind.

  9. Create a mood board for him.

    Rather than expect him to somehow capture your vision, show him some inspiration shots and work with him to get there.

  10. Be flexible.

    Instead of asking your husband to please please please take your photo right now, ask him if he would mind taking some shots of you sometime that day. If he’s down, see what time works best for him and work around his schedule.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Photography Credit: Allie Provost

xx Esther

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