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Houndstooth Coat + White Booties // The Pros And Cons Of Freelancing

Houndstooth Coat + White Booties // The Pros And Cons Of Freelancing

The blogging life is unpredictable. I could make 5 deals one week and 0 the next. There’s no sense of stability and internal company changes could affect your collaborations at any moment, so I freelance on the side, which ironically is even less stable than blogging. I typically work on a project basis, so a company will hire me with a specific goal in mind. My latest job was actually at Fohr Card where I helped the team run influencer campaigns during the holiday rush. It was an amazing six weeks, but then it was just over. Freelancing means I get to experience many companies and work with tons of incredible industry members, but it also means that I can see the end from the moment I begin.

Sometimes I couldn’t be happier to complete a freelance project and move onto something more interesting, but other times it’s very difficult. When you really connect with a team, make friends, and settle down somewhere, it’s hard to leave. After a few weeks, you generally know everyone’s name and get into a routine, so it’s not easy to just uproot yourself two months later and go back into the unknown. It’s especially difficult for me to hand over my email account. I owe it to my sister for teaching me stellar email organizational skills, but I learned to sort my emails into perfectly color coded, labeled folders and subfolders on day one of any job. It’s time consuming, but never expect to have more free time than you do on your first day. It’s also much easier to set up a system at the beginning than try to catch up later. It’s always sad when I send my last email and know that my organized inbox will go unappreciated and most likely get deleted.

When I freelance, I’m usually moved around from desk to desk, never given a permanent seat, I have to bring my own laptop more times than not, and holidays are never paid. I’m not included in team meetings and my responsibilities are undefined as my workload will shift onto someone else as soon as I leave. With all the uncertainty that surrounds freelancing, I still seek project based jobs because above everything else, it means freedom. You set the rules before you start, what hours work for you, and which days you’re available to come come into the office. If you end up loving the position, leaving is really hard, but if you’re unhappy with the role, there’s something really nice knowing your end date. If I didn’t have a blog, I’d probably be working my way up the corporate ladder right now, but as long as I do, freelancing is the perfect solution for me.

Houndstooth Coat: H&M (c/o)
Black Star Dress: H&M (c/o)
White Booties: Zara

Photography: Griffin Ungar

xx Esther

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