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Guize Face FX Contour Palette Review

Guize Face FX Contour Palette Review

I can’t remember the last time I got my makeup done where I didn’t ask my makeup artist to teach me how to contour. It’s honestly an art, and one I would love to master. Luckily, contouring got a lot easier once I was introduced to the Guize Face FX Contour Palette. It comes in 3 shades, Moonlight for light skin, Daylight for medium skin, and Twilight for darker skin. I try to take extra care of my skin by staying away from the sun, which inevitably means I’m super pale, so I went with Moonlight, which gives my skin a healthy glow. The palette has four powders: highlight, contour, bronzer, and shimmer, and the colors complement my fair skin perfectly. The powder is highly pigmented and buttery, which makes it easy to blend. I particularly love the matte finish since I generally shy away from super shimmery products.

The palette comes with a handy little packet of info and illustrations showing exactly where to place product, based on your face shape. I never knew that contouring was so personalized and my entire makeup routine has changed since I found out. I learned that for a heart shaped face like mine, I actually should not be covering the portion of my face next to my eyes with bronzer like someone with a round face should. I also finally understand exactly where to place the highlight since that part of the process always confused me.

Each powder has a specific role. The highlight is for a lift effect, the contour for shape, the bronzer for bask, and the shimmer for shine. Lifting and shaping is what adds dimension and depth to your face, basking gives you that sun-kissed look, and the shining effect gives you a beautiful glow, without looking super shimmery. With proper blending, the matte finish looks more natural than other palettes I’ve tried and the sleek packaging is also a major plus.

The palette is slim with a magnetic closure, so fits perfectly in my purse pocket, and the best part is that the neutral colors work beautifully as eyeshadows as well. The most dramatic I get with my makeup is adding a wing and a bold lip, but my everyday look requires little more than some brow filler, mascara, lip liner, and this contour palette. The less makeup I need to lug with me everyday the better, so palettes are always my go-to, and I’m happy to have found one versatile enough to be one of the four products I carry with me on the daily. It’s also only $40, which is a steal for four powders, which elsewhere could cost you that much for each.

Shop Guize Face FX.

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