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Dream Wedding Venues And The One I Chose // Wedding Wednesday

Dream Wedding Venues And The One I Chose // Wedding Wednesday

Choosing a wedding venue was not easy. My fiancé and I spoke about getting engaged for the longest time, but when he actually proposed, I was completely unprepared for all the decisions I was about to have to make. The venue is what determines the entire vibe of your wedding, whether it’s an elegant or rustic affair, if it’s going to be a small or large event, black tie or beach formal attire. I hadn’t even thought about the number of guests I wanted to invite or how far from NYC I was willing to make everyone travel. I racked my brain trying to remember which of my friends’ venues I loved, but they all came back to me in a blur. WeddingWire’s arsenal of venue suggestions helped me tremendously narrow down my options. I sorted the choices by location and browsed through pictures and reviews.

Once my fiance and I figured out our guest list, we realized we needed a space large enough to fit 300 people. That meant Hotel on Rivington was out of the running. The penthouse there is stunning with floor to ceiling windows and a 1,000 square foot deck, but capacity is 150 people and we wanted all our friends and family to be there for our special day.

Getting Married at a castle would have been a dream which is why we looked at Oheka Castle. The venue is breathtaking, but unfortunately we would have had to coordinate additional details like chair rentals and finding a caterer. Luckily, by researching this venue, we knew we wanted to opt for a location that included those extra logistics.

Chateau Briand Caterers would have been high up on the list of venues to visit, but I actually just discovered it now while searching through WeddingWire’s database. “Manhattan glamour meets Golden Era Art Deco” is the only way to describe the hall. Maximum capacity is 350 and the space is truly one of a kind.

I’m still dreaming of Crystal Plaza. The place is covered in crystal chandeliers, and to say the venue is elegant is an understatement. I could not pick a more perfect setting for the romantic bride.

If I hadn’t chosen my hall, I would have most likely chosen The Surf Club On The Sound. It’s got the best of both worlds, a gorgeous interior for the reception and a picture perfect outdoor ceremony space overlooking the water.

The sheer amount of beautiful wedding venue options is overwhelming, so at some point, you have to just pick a date and make a choice. When my fiancé and I visited Crest Hollow Country Club, we fell in love on the spot. Even the entrance is spectacular. Crest Hollow covers 27 acres of land and the country club is surrounded by gorgeous gardens, fountains, and a beautiful pool area. I could not be more excited to have an outdoor cocktail reception around the pool, followed by a ceremony under the stars, and then dinner and dancing in their grandest ballroom. I already know our wedding photos will be incredible because every area of Crest Hollows is picturesque. Their staff is a pleasure to work with and their in-house caterer comes highly recommended. They also have seven changing rooms (that are catered by the way), one of which is so massive my entire family can fit. I’ll let you know my final review come September, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will be simply fabulous.

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