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Dress Overalls + Striped Tee // The Creepiest Messages I've Received As A Blogger

Dress Overalls + Striped Tee // The Creepiest Messages I've Received As A Blogger

I've had a few haters since I started blogging. It's not easy reading intentionally cruel messages about how you look or how you style your outfits, but it's all just a part of the job. Having haters also means you're succeeding because if you were a nobody, no one would even bother leaving their opinion. As awful as the haters are though, I think the creeps are worse. They send bizarre or inappropriate messages that make you seriously question if you should allow your followers to contact you at all.

Here are the worst of them:

  1. Like clockwork, every year I receive an email from this girl who raves about my blog. She spends a page telling me how much I inspire her and then makes a request that I start dressing more sexy and include pictures of myself in lingerie.
  2. After posting a photo of my fresh manicure on Instagram, I received a message from a seemingly normal girl telling me she loved the color I chose and then asking me what I was wearing on my toes. I told her I was wearing a dark blue on my toes to which she asked if she could get a picture. I saw the message a week late, but I sent her a photo of the nail polish bottle. She responded that she couldn't see it well enough and she really wanted to see the color on my toes. She then asked me again to send a photo. Slightly creeped out at this point, I told her I changed the polish already, but if she Googled the color, I'm sure she could find an image. Her response of, "Ohh what color are you wearing now?" confirmed my suspicions that this girl (?) had a foot fetish and I promptly blocked her.
  3. During the time of the election, I was sent multiple hate messages and even a death threat (from a girl in Paris no less) for wearing Ivanka Trump shoes. The Parisian girl told me she would choke me if I ever stepped foot in her beautiful country. If only she knew I used to live there…
  4. This one wasn’t as creepy as it was obsessive, but a guy emailed me that he loved my blog and wanted to show me his favorite photo. He then proceeded to email me almost every single photo I posted over the last few years.
  5. Someone once sent me a super short email that said, “I go to work every day to look at your profile.” I’m not sure why someone has to go to work to do that, but go figure.

Denim Dress Overalls: ASOS (c/o)
Striped Tee: H&M
Silver Initial Necklace: Mejuri (c/o)
Sandals: 6pm

Photography: Chaya Ross

xx Esther

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