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Rachel Roy Floral Lace Set // 10 Weird Things Bloggers Do

Rachel Roy Floral Lace Set // 10 Weird Things Bloggers Do

Bloggers may as well be a different species. We’re annoying, we talk about Instagram like it’s our jobs (it is btw), and we take a million pictures of random objects and our feet. One photo is never enough and we only order foods that look pretty on camera. We get presents in the mail constantly and we’re suckers for natural light. There are about million anomalies about the blogger life, but here’s a list of just 10 of the strange things we do.

  1. Look at the ground while taking pictures.
    I was once shooting with a photographer, doing the classic “looking at my feet pose,” and she kept yelling at me to look at the camera. I had to keep explaining that I was purposely looking down. I don’t think she ever really understood.
  2. Take 50 photos of our food before eating.
    I apologize to anyone who’s been out to eat with me and has had to suffer through the process.
  3. Meet up with strangers we find on Instagram.
    I guess if you’re not accustomed to social networking, that can sound pretty creepy.
  4. Take photos of our feet in extremely uncomfortable positions.
    That adorable shoe shot you see on Instagram… if only you saw behind the scenes. Whatever looks good for the camera, right?
  5. Walk out of coffee shops if they’re out of mugs.
    If only take-away cups are available, we switch locations. Paper hot cups do not make a good photo.
  6. Wear our button-down shirts backwards.
  7. Ask to take home flowers from events.
    The best event souvenirs are the centerpieces that you can deconstruct later and use in flatlays.
  8. Take videos of ourselves opening packages.
    This is called unboxing and it’s usually an everyday ritual.
  9. Freak out when we see a cool wall.
    Our reaction to finding an amazing backdrop is comparable to a normal person’s response when walking into a beautiful hotel room.
  10. Say things like, “My photographer canceled on me,” and “Marc Jacobs sent it over,” like it’s normal.

Floral Lace Set: Rachel Roy (c/o)
Pink Bag: Zac Posen (c/o)
Black Klover Heels: Ivanka Trump (c/o) 

xx Esther

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