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Mermaid Off Duty Sweatshirt // Why I Unfollowed My Favorite Bloggers

Mermaid Off Duty Sweatshirt // Why I Unfollowed My Favorite Bloggers

This is NOT a post bashing Chiara Ferragni. I think she is an incredible blogger and amazing businesswoman. She has millions of followers and continues to grow daily so she must be doing something right. That being said, I recently unfollowed her because her content has veered away from daily fashion inspiration and now focuses on her very sexual relationship with Fedez. I can't go onto her page without seeing videos of her making out with her boyfriend, pictures of them taking baths together, and oh so many images of her in transparent tops. Clearly millions of people are enjoying her new direction, but I am not one of them.

This is the second time a favorite blogger of mine used her popularity to rebrand completely. Exhibit A: Kristina Bazaan. Kristina was fashion blogging goals. Her style was inspirational and her page was a gold mine of outfit ideas. Until it wasn't. She started posting video after video of her singing and photo after photo of her modeling jobs and selfies. I think she's beautiful, but selfies don't inspire me. Editorials are not relatable. And if I wanted to hear bloggers sing, I'd find them on YouTube.

There is nothing wrong with changing your direction, especially when you have the following and recognition, but there is a cost. I've spoken to many other people about Chiara and while not everyone agrees, most are not appreciating her PDA filled Instagram page. It's not that we find her disgusting, it's just that we're not looking for that. We don't want to open our phones and see her sucking on her boyfriend’s lips. Chiara is more personality than fashion blogger now so there are millions of people out there who are interested in her private life. They swoon over her lovey dovey relationship photos. But that's not fashion. It's not even editorial. I followed Chiara for fashion inspiration. I no longer find her inspiring, so that is why I unfollowed her.

There will always be people who don't appreciate what you do and as the years pass, it's normal and even expected for you to evolve. But I also believe it's important to stay somewhat true to your original brand so that you don't abandon the followers who put you where you are. If you made your name as a fashion blogger, it’s one thing to switch up your style, but it’s another to forget about fashion completely and instead promote your personal life. At the end of the day, create the content that resonates well with you, but just recognize there will be consequences and potential disappointment from your die-hard fans if you switch directions. At least consider your original readership and the brand you built before going on a new path and be aware that as you change, so will your followers. 

Mermaid Off Duty Sweatshirt: Tees and Tank You (c/o)
Black Ruffle Pants: Zara
Black Studded Sandals: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Photography: Chaya Ross

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