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An Easier Cat Eye With Clarins 3-Dot Eyeliner

An Easier Cat Eye With Clarins 3-Dot Eyeliner

Cliché I know, but I used to wear a cat eye every day when I lived in Paris and for about two years after I moved to New York City. Not gonna lie, I got pretty good at making the line with one perfect sweep across. Sometimes; however, (usually when I was already late) my 30 second cat eye turned into a half hour nightmare because when I tried to fill in the liner, I ended up smudging everything and making a mess. The day I stopped wearing eyeliner was the day I realized it wasn’t worth the potential hassle.

I just found the miracle of miracle eyeliners to solve my dreaded problem. Clarins invented the 3-Dot Eyeliner which has a three prong tip to help you fill in the spaces between your lashes and create a super thin and precise line. It was love at first try. The tip is so precise that my cat eye is a breeze now, except I’m still not sure I’m ready to bring it back just yet because I discovered what else the 3-Dot Eyeliner can do. For all my girls who love the “No Makeup Makeup” look as much as I do, prepare to be obsessed.

The eyeliner is able to get so close to the lashes that it basically just defines your lash line, which makes your eyes look bigger and bolder. Since all you have to do is lightly press the tip against the bottom of your lashes, it’s also the easiest eyeliner to apply. I’ve been loving how easy it’s made getting ready for meetings in the morning. Clarins is already helping me fake a good night’s sleep with their Multi-Action Eye Cream, and now that I found the simplest way to define my eyes, I always look ready to tackle the world.

Thank you Clarins for sponsoring this post!

Photography: Chaya Ross

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