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Metallic Pants + Black Silk Top // How To Find A Photographer

Metallic Pants + Black Silk Top // How To Find A Photographer

Good photography is absolutely the most important part of a blog, but finding a photographer with the same vision as you is one of the hardest. My dream is to partner up with a photographer who knows my angles, gets what I like, and edits the photos to match my Instagram feed. After 4 years, I’m still waiting to find that person. I’ve come pretty close, but it seems that the second I find someone insanely talented who understands exactly what I’m looking for, every blogger wants to work with her too and then I’m back to square one. That means it’s important to have an ever-growing arsenal of good photographers you can switch off working with.

How To Find A Good Photographer:

  1. Instagram.
    I feel like Instagram is always the answer these days. A photographer’s feed is his or her portfolio. You can get a sense of their editing style and see which other bloggers they’ve worked with.
  2. See who other bloggers are tagging in their photos.
    Most bloggers tag the photographers who took their photos, so if you see an image you like, find out who took it and reach out about a photoshoot collab.
  3. Look for photo credits on blog posts.
    The bloggers who don’t tag their photographers on Instagram usually still do on their blogs. If there’s a particular blogger’s aesthetic you’re loving, just head over to their site and find out who takes their photos.
  4. Reach out to photography students.
    Some of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with have been students. They’ve got an eye for detail and they’re new to the game so extremely patient and eager to make sure you love the images.
  5. Ask for referrals.
    Everyone usually knows at least one photographer. Ask your friends and family if they have anyone to recommend.
  6. Trial and error.
    It’s not easy for another person to understand your vision right away. Sometimes it takes shooting with a photographer a second or third time to find a good rhythm and learn what works.
  7. Shoot with your blogger friends.
    I usually stay away from shooting with friends because it means I have to edit the images myself, but if you can find a blogger to shoot with consistently, your photos will start looking more uniform and there’s no wait time to receiving the images. Major perks.
  8. Get a boyfriend.
    The insta-boyfriend or husband is very real and I am super jealous of all the bloggers out there who found one. Some of the most famous bloggers shoot with their boyfriends every week, but it takes time to train them and can definitely put a strain on your relationship.

Black Silk Cold Shoulder Top: Jay Godfrey (c/o)
Metallic Pants: Zara
Black Jewel Choker: Amare Jewels (c/o)
Black Tassel Slides: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Photo Credit: Chaya Ross

xx Esther

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