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Trescool Star Jacket // How NYC Changed My Style

Trescool Star Jacket // How NYC Changed My Style

New York City isn’t for everyone. It’s loud and dirty and ridiculously cold in the winter. Commuting is awful and rent is out of control. Living here isn’t easy (I don’t think anyone would deny that), but this city has incredible energy and stellar style. I’m originally from St. Louis where fashion begins and ends with H&M and Forever 21. I grew up wearing basic skirts and tops where the most exciting part about my outfit was the red bow headband I picked up from the mall (inspired by Gossip Girl).

While New York City style may seem simple, it’s anything but basic. Everyone’s always searching for the perfect pieces that are unique, on trend, and affordable. Regardless of style preferences, New Yorkers love wearing a similar uniform of black, white, and anything neutral. Even with almost identical wardrobes, they still always need to find a way to stand out. For the fashionista, jeans and a tee-shirt just won’t cut it unless it’s a cool vintage tee and the jeans have the perfect rips or a step hem. New York is all about that “cool girl style,” and finding the best places to shop is key. Trescool is one of my favorite online stores to pick up trendy statement pieces, like the star jacket I’m wearing in this post.

Living in NYC has slowly changed the way I dress, first inspiring me to wear more neutrals and eventually getting me to basically drop color all together. I started layering everything from jackets to necklaces and investing in versatile basics. I switched clutches for tote bags and ditched my heels for slides. White tees, moto jackets, and booties took over my closet. Black and white became my favorite color combo, sunglasses became my favorite accessory, and my transformation was complete.

Now that I’ve got the basics down, I’m always looking to spice up my outfits with trendy pieces that won’t break the break, and that’s where Trescool comes in. That’s just how we do it in New York City. :)

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*Thank you Trescool for sponsoring this post!

Make A Wish Starry Sweater: Trescool
White Button Down Shirt Dress: Zara
Black West 57th Schoolbag: Henri Bendel
Black Over The Knee Boots: Ivanka Trump

Photography: Chaya Ross

xx Esther

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