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Bee Venom Skincare // Venofye

Bee Venom Skincare // Venofye

I have been afraid of wrinkles since long before they should have even been a concern, but now that I’ve seen my first fine line make its mark across my forehead, I’m always on the lookout for new anti-aging products. Good skin comes first and foremost. Your skin is your foundation and if you take care of it, not only will you look more youthful, but you will look healthier and maybe even start to glow. My goal is to eventually get to a place where my skin is so flawless than I can ditch makeup altogether. I recently introduced Venofye to my routine to try and help me get there.

Venofye is a line of skincare that uses bee venom as a key ingredient. The properties, often referred to as “nature’s Botox,” trick your skin into thinking it’s been stung which causes it to plump and tighten. Luckily, the products only give you the positive effect, leaving out the swelling and itchiness you would get from a normal bee sting. “Experts believe that bee venom works by encouraging the production of elastin and collagen, thereby reversing the adverse effects of aging and making your skin look more beautiful in the process.” The products are completely safe, but definitely speak with your dermatologist before using if you have a history of bee allergies.

Venofye sent over their entire Queen Bee Collection, which consists of a cleanser, moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, facial peel, neck lift, overnight therapy, and neck and chest masks. I’m dedicating this post to the four products that stood out to me, which you see photographed above. I’m a moisturizer fanatic, so I went straight for Venofye’s Queen Bee Day Moisturizer. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little scared that it would hurt, but it went on just like normal lotion, smooth and without any tingling side effects. It felt light, which is an important quality for a day moisturizer, and made my face feel instantly smoother.

I don’t usually get as much sleep as I would like or need, so I love using Vitamin C products in my morning routine to help my skin feel more refreshed and awake. Venofye’s Queen Bee Vitamin C Serum could not have come at a more perfect time because I was actually looking for a new Vitamin C product. The consistency is different than any I’ve used. It goes on very lightly and makes your skin feel almost glossy. It took me a few seconds to get used to, but as soon as it set, my skin felt beyond smooth.

Venofye’s Queen Bee Overnight Therapy was another favorite of mine because again, I am obsessed with adding moisture to my skin. There is nothing worse than dry, cracked skin, especially when it can be so easily avoided. The Overnight Therapy is a night cream that you massage into your face before bed. It’s lightweight, but slightly heavier than the Day Moisturizer, so you can really feel it seep into your skin.

Lastly, Venofye’s Queen Bee Neck Lift really stood out to me. A beauty tip I learned early on is to never forget about your neck. Your neck and your hands get hit hardest with signs of aging, but so many people completely neglect their neck in their skincare routine. I think I have a few more years before I start seeing lines on my neck, but once you hit your 20s, it’s important to start taking preventative action.

Even though I am petrified of bees, I was really happy to learn that they are not harmed in the process of creating Venofye products. Check out their website for a more detailed explanation, but essentially the venom is collected from glass sheets placed in their hive. When the bees pump their venom onto the glass, they do not lose their stinger and die like they would if they were to release their venom into a person.

Venofye is definitely a luxury item, but flawless skin is priceless. Apparently celebrities love bee vemon products too. I’m not surprised, but if even Kate Middleton opted for a bee venom facial before her wedding day, there has to be something here. You can find them on Instagram @venofye.

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