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Slip Dress + Oversized Cardigan // The Job That Got Away

Slip Dress + Oversized Cardigan // The Job That Got Away

Welcome to the raw and real life a New York City girl trying to get a job. Not just any job, my dream job. I guess this would be the place to discuss my career history or work story if you will, (a term I picked up from the 50 “Rock Your Interview” videos I watched last night), but instead I’m going to talk about the job that got away. It went something like this.

My recruitment agency called me two days ago about a job opportunity with *insert dream brand here.* I immediately responded with interest and my interview was set up for today. (Can I still write today even though I scheduled this post to go up approximately 3 weeks after the fact?) Anyway, I went Google crazy researching the brand and interviewer. I studied product names, price points, current retailers, and even the names of every employee I could find on LinkedIn. To say the least, I was prepared.

Then “the morning of” came along. I woke up at 7am on the dot, put on the outfit I had carefully placed on my chair last night, straightened my hair, did my makeup, and practiced answering interview questions for about an hour. I was ready. But when I got to the train, I panicked. I realized I had forgotten my resume on the counter. I knew going back for it would cause me to be late, but I also knew showing up without a resume was a sure kiss of death. So I ran back to my apartment.

Without any buffer time left, I had to quickly figure out if an Uber or train ride would be faster. The train won by 15 minutes, so I frantically made my way back to the subway station and shoved my way into the crowded car. I arrived at the address exactly 4 minutes late. Not good, but excusable (right?). Anyway, I say I got to the address because I definitely did not see an office building in site. In fact, Google Maps told me I had arrived as I was walking past the side entrance of Macy’s. I walked around in circles, went up and down the block… I even went into Macy’s to ask if they rented office space to the company. My agent is out of town, so I called the general number for my agency and held back a meltdown as I explained the situation to the receptionist and told her she needed to find someone to help me ASAP because I was wandering around aimlessly and 15 minutes late at this point.

After being on hold for what felt like forever, someone came on the line to tell me that I had been given the wrong address. I repeat -- the WRONG ADDRESS. So instead of being 4 minutes late, I arrived 25 minutes late with just enough time for a very rushed and basically pointless 5 minute interview. What can you even cover in 5 minutes, you ask? Not much.

There’s no happy ending to this story. No, “And then she gave me a second chance” or “I wowed her in those 5 minutes and she hired me on the spot.” Nope. Just a mesh of afterthoughts wondering what my life would have been if I had killed the interview and what opportunity will come next.

5 Ways to Prepare For an Interview:

  1. Research the company. Understand the company’s mission and brand voice. Be familiar with any products they sell and who their target market is. See what they’re posting on social media. Have they done any exciting campaigns worth noting?
  2. Research your interviewer. Check him or her out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram... See their previous work experience and get a feel for their personality.
  3. Update your resume. One trick I learned is to change up job descriptions to cater to the specific job you’re applying for. It’s a lot of work, but if you’re applying for a social media manager role, for example, make sure to highlight all relevant social media experience, whether or not that was your main role in previous jobs.
  4. Practice answering interview questions. First impressions are everything, so make sure you are well rehearsed in answering the classic first question of, “Tell me about yourself.” The best way to break it down is to talk about how you started your career, what you’re doing now, and where you would like to see yourself next.
  5. Prepare your outfit and bag the night before. Don’t give yourself any room to forget your resume or stress about what to wear.

Oversized Windowpane Cardigan: Trescool (c/o)
Blue Slip Dress: Her Boutique (c/o)
Black Ankle Boots: M4D3 Shoes (c/o)
Black Bag: Henri Bendel (c/o)

Photography: Griffin Unger

xx Esther

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