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Spongedry // Basic Beauty Tools

Spongedry // Basic Beauty Tools

I’ve been trying to master contouring for years. I bought so many brushes in every variation and size, tried every palette I could get my hands on, watched all the YouTube videos, but I still couldn’t get the blending right. My face was always left with harsh lines or barely there definition after buffing all the product out. Basic Beauty Tools changed the makeup game for me with their Foundation Blender sponges. I’m not saying I’m all of a sudden a contour pro, but using a sponge to apply my foundation and even out my bronzer lines seriously helps with the blending. 

Applying makeup with a sponge is extremely simple. Just run the sponge under water and it’s ready to use. Basic Beauty Tools’ Foundation Blenders have pointed tips for precisely applying foundation and concealer around your eyes and nose and a flat side for easy blending. They also come in super fun colors: pink, purple, and black.

The only issue I’ve ever come across when using sponge applicators is that it’s not exactly sanitary to place a wet foundation covered sponge back on your makeup table to collect dust. Basic Beauty Tools created the solution by inventing the Spongedry, a collapsible holder to store and dry your sponges. The design lets your sponges air dry to prevent picking up bacteria or becoming moldy.

The Spongedry comes in four colors, black, white, pink, and purple and looks adorable paired with the coordinated colored sponges. I like to mix and match the sponges and their holders. My favorite combo is a black Spongedry with a pink Foundation Blender. The Spongedry looks great on my vanity and I love the fact that it collapses so I can throw it in my makeup bag when I travel. 

In addition to storing your sponges out of bacteria’s way, it’s important to wash them regularly. The best tip my friend ever gave me was to wash them with a bar of soap. The makeup comes right out. And after you give them a good washing, just prop them up on some Spongedrys to let dry. 

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