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The Perfect Strapless // UpBra

The Perfect Strapless // UpBra

My very first job was at a lingerie design firm, so I learned from the start just how important it is to wear the right undergarments. Size is everything. Besides the fact that ill fitting bras are uncomfortable, they can also change the way your clothes look on you. I was recently introduced to UpBra, which is all about getting the perfect fit. In fact, each bra is customizable by adjusting both the shoulder straps and the straps that were added behind the cups. Every woman's body is different, so it's about time we rethink the standard sizes.

As a blogger, I am shooting regularly and I have no time to waste adjusting my bra and making sure it doesn't slide down, especially when I'm changing outfits multiple times throughout the day. I knew I struck gold when I tried on the Stay-Up Strapless Upbra® and it actually stayed in place. I adjusted them to my exact size and didn't have any issues. Strapless bras are a must have for me since I'm a cold shoulder addict, but can't stand showing straps. Even when I'm not baring my shoulders, I like to wear strapless just to avoid any straps getting in the shot. So happy to have finally found the solution!

I'm big on stocking up on the basics first, so I grabbed this bra in white and black. That way I'm guaranteed to have the perfect bra no matter what I wear. Red is definitely my next pick though when I'm ready to continue building my UpBra collection.

Shop UpBra.

Thank you UpBra for sponsoring this post!

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