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Black Slip Dress + Stars Top // 10 Perks of Married Life

Black Slip Dress + Stars Top // 10 Perks of Married Life

When I was engaged, I got an earful of marriage advice, but the piece that stood out most to me was that nothing would really change. Crazy enough, nothing really did. Sure, I now share a room with a guy and finances are managed differently, but other than that, our relationship stayed the same, as well as our day to day lives. There are some definite perks though, and these are my top 10.

  1. You know the windowsill in the shower that you always have to share with your roommates and it gets overcrowded to the point that shampoo bottles fall and break.... I basically get it all to myself now because my husband has exactly two shower products to his name - shampoo and body wash.
  2. A stocked fridge. Now that I'm married, I've officially given up my college eating habits and succumbed to buying real food.
  3. I'm living with my best friend. Nuff said.
  4. I can organize and rearrange the apartment however I want. I just have to give my husband a mini tour every time I do so he knows where to find stuff.
  5. My husband makes the bed. I could literally spend an entire Sunday organizing and enjoy every minute, but for some reason I hate making the bed, so this is kinda the best perk ever.
  6. I don't have to label my food anymore and anything I can find to eat is mine for the taking.
  7. Dates are even more fun now. Since my husband and I have adjusted back into our daily routines, it's especially fun to plan a date night and go out.
  8. It's movie night every night. We love watching Friends together before bed. I can't even count how many times I've seen each episode.
  9. Eating dinner together. Having to cook dinner is another story, but there's nothing like sitting down together at the end of the day and talking over good food.
  10. Having a live-in handyman. I never realized just how handy my husband was until we moved in together. He's a pro at putting together IKEA furniture and can definitely work his way around a toolbox.

Black Slip Dress: The Fashion Foundation (c/o)
Black Sheer Stars Top: Zara
Black Knot Sandals: IfChic (c/o)

Photography: William Cudd

xx Esther

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