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14 Wedding Cake Ideas // Wedding Wednesday

14 Wedding Cake Ideas // Wedding Wednesday

When choosing a wedding cake, there are two major factors that come into play, your budget and your style. Your budget will quickly determine how many layers your cake will have, as well as the intricacy of the design. The aesthetic or theme of your wedding should help narrow down your style options. Wedding cakes can come in literally any color, shape, or size, so I put together a slideshow of images I found on WeddingWire, from traditional and white cakes to modern and colorful ones.

I’ve always been more of the traditional, romantic type, so my favorite cake of the bunch is the cream one with matching flowers and a pale gold stripe around each layer. I also love the look of a naked cake (although I like frosting too much for that), and it goes perfectly with a rustic theme. Whimsical wedding cakes are super fun and I’d love to be invited to such a quirky wedding, but the classic bride in me would always go for the classic white over a colorful cake. I definitely appreciate the creativity though.

Since wedding cakes can be super pricey, here are 6 ways to save.

  1. Opt for a smaller wedding cake just for you and your groom and then serve your guests cut up sheet cake. They’ll never know the difference!
  2. Go for a simple design. A metallic layer or cascading fondant flowers dramatically increase the cost.
  3. Instead of having your baker create flowers out of fondant, use some of the flowers from your wedding as cake decor.
  4. Fewer layers = Less expensive
  5. Go for a beautiful arrangement of single layer cakes rather than one tall layered cake.
  6. Choose a basic cake flavor. Ask your baker which is his or her most affordable.
  7. Check out WeddingWire’s Cake Inspiration tab for more wedding cake ideas, and let me know your favorites below!

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