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All Grey Look + OTK Boots // Why I Hate Fashion Week

All Grey Look + OTK Boots // Why I Hate Fashion Week

Before you jump down my throat about the post title, remember that I started my blog as a way to get invited to New York Fashion Week. I slaved away for hours writing blog posts, networking, and stalking the PR people responsible for sending out invites. All because I wanted that exclusive invite with my name on it. Well, I finally got that long awaited email. Then I got about 50 more. And it's been like that every season since my first official Fashion Week in September 2013.

At first, it was a dream come true. Every show was more magical than the last. After a few seasons, I even started making friends with the regulars. It was our exclusive little world of fashion crazed individuals who dressed in outrageous outfits and watched the shows with gaping mouths and admiration. I would breathe in every detail to the point that if I saw any piece from any of the runway shows I attended featured months later in a magazine, I could pinpoint the designer and collection almost immediately. I truly went for the fashion, not the Instagram posts.

Then Fashion Week got kicked out of Lincoln Center and the mainstream micro-bloggers started swarming in. NYFW became a huge inconvenience that forced attendees to choose between overlapping shows and spend their paychecks on Ubers to go uptown then downtown and back again. Being surrounded by so many bloggers, some with barely there followings, also took away the exclusivity. It seemed as if just anyone could get a ticket. Shows started feeling like one big social scene filled with competitive exchanges about that week's agenda, each blogger secretly jealous of the other for certain shows and parties. But here's the thing. While everyone is so busy comparing schedules and attempting to get that perfect Instagram shot, no one's actually watching the shows anymore, except through their phone screens... later that night.

Blogging is a full time job, regardless if you're getting paid or not, but it's still supposed to be fun! So along with the rebrand to, 2017 to me is about working hard, but taking a step back to remember why I started and focus on collaborations and events that make me happy. There are thousands of amazing bloggers out there. You can either waste your time comparing successes or recognize that there are enough opportunities for everyone.

Maybe when I'm full time blogging and Lexus sends a car to take me to and from each show, I'll get back into my Fashion Week craze. Until then, I will stay sane and only attend select shows that still bring the magic.

Hair Credit: Olya Iudina
Photo Credit: Sophie Sahara

xx Esther

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