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New Year, New Direction

I’m a Louboutin addict, but in 2013, while I sat on my bed with a dream to create a blog as a way to get into New York Fashion Week, I didn’t even own a pair. I was so excited to get my website started that instead of taking the proper time to invent a blog name, I simply started typing random word combinations as the domain name until something was available. was cute, catchy, and most importantly, it was available. That’s how it all began.

After almost 4 years of identifying myself as Louboutins & Love, the time has come to switch over to my real name, Esther Santer. I’ve changed all my social accounts to @esthersanter and I’ll be switching my website to in just a matter of time. I need to be able to own the name of my brand and make room for new possibilities. My current blog name has brought about its own incredible opportunities like scoring me an invite to the Christian Louboutin Private Sale and helping me get a job for the company that creates Louboutin beauty products. I even have friends within the company now. Clearly, Louboutin doesn’t want to sue me for using their name, but after spending the day with the Louboutin team at our holiday party, I felt like everything had come full circle and now it’s time for the next step.

I’ve been wanting to rebrand for a couple years now, not because I don’t love Louboutins, but because having another brand’s name in my own name is limiting. Guaranteed, some companies have rejected working with me because of my blog name. Maybe it’s a lower end brand that doesn’t find it fitting to work with a blog that seemingly represents luxury shoes. Maybe it’s a higher end brand that competes with Louboutin. Maybe it’s a company that simply does not want to pay me to promote their clothes since I will always be promoting Louboutin at the same time. It’s a huge step and I am terrified my following will take a hit, but I never want to be limited.

New year, new direction. And I’m excited for it.

xx Esther Santer

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