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Cezanne By Jennifer Penny // Butterfly Studio Salon

Cezanne By Jennifer Penny // Butterfly Studio Salon

Don't call it Keratin. Cezanne is the next big thing in smoothing treatments. I was lucky enough to have the treatment done my go-to hair stylist, Jennifer Penny, at Butterfly Studio Salon. The entire process took about 2 hours, but it was worth every second because for the next 3 months, I can expect less frizz and an easier time styling my hair. Or in Jenn's words, I can expect to take the edge out.

I had a lot of questions before my appointment, so let me walk you through the process and hopefully answer any of your own.

  1. Jenn washed my hair using a clarifying shampoo with very high PH to open up my hair cuticles.
  2. My hair was slightly dried.
  3. Jenn applied the Cezanne solution with a paintbrush onto all of my hair. With my hair cuticles opened, the treatment was able to go into every strand.
  4. I sat with the solution in my hair for 30 minutes. Some people experience a tingly feeling on their scalp, but I didn’t really notice anything.
  5. Jenn gave my hair a quick rinse to get the bulk of the Cezanne out.
  6. My hair was completely blow-dried.
  7. My hair was then flat ironed in sections in order to close the hair cuticles and seal in the treatment.

My biggest question was what the difference is between Cezanne and Keratin. The main difference is that Cezanne has no formaldehyde. Keratin also sometimes causes breakage or flatness. Cezanne does not take away from your natural texture like Keratin does. It merely smooths out the frizz.

In hair guru Jennifer Penny’s words, "Cezanne Perfect Finish is the first smoothing treatment I've worked with that removes frizz and unwanted volume without compromising the texture of the hair. There is no breakage associated with the treatment and it benefits the hair by conditioning it which results in healthy looking and feeling locks. Another health bonus is that there is absolutely no formaldehyde.  

You'll notice your locks become a lot less frizzy if you decide to embrace air drying. If you prefer to blow dry, it will not only cut down on time (already a major plus!) but will make your hair look like you just gave your polishing skills a boost and did a much better job at styling it. Another huge benefit of the treatment is that you can wash your hair the same day, put your hair up in a ponytail, and even braid it once your service is completed.”

Caring for your treated hair is important and requires only switching out your normal shampoo and conditioner for sulfate free options. (That means no Head and Shoulders!) Ask your Cezanne specialist for the best recommendations. It’s possible the Cezanne will affect dyed hair by slightly altering the color tone, but if it does, you can get it fixed the same day. I saw no change in my highlights, but since color can fall out while the hair cuticles are open, it’s better to simply get your highlights done prior to the treatment. If you’re thinking about getting a drastic cut, you should probably do that before your Cezanne appointment as well. It doesn’t make a difference in terms of the process, but since salons generally charge based on length, it would merely be more economical to treat your shorter ‘do.

As Jenn mentioned, a major benefit of Cezanne is that there is no wait time between getting the treatment done and washing or styling your hair. That is one aspect of Keratin I was very nervous about since I am constantly clipping parts of my hair back or even just putting it behind my ears. After my Cezanne treatment, I literally walked outside, asked a stranger to take my photo, and then pulled my hair into a high pony.

The treatment works on every hair type, thin, thick, ethnic, straight, and curly. How you like the result will simply depend on your expectations. Cezanne won’t make your hair straight. Your texture will remain the same. You’ll simply see smoother strands and have a much easier time with styling.

In order to give a completely honest review of the treatment, I waited exactly one month before publishing this post. Over the past 30 days, here’s what I experienced. When I let my hair air dry after the shower, it feels smoother and it dries a lot tamer than it previously did. I still have minimal frizz (more like flyaways), but it’s easy to fix with some styling cream. When I blowdry my hair, that’s when I can really tell the difference. It dries in minutes and becomes extra silky. My hair also dries in its natural waves, as opposed to becoming a huge poof which is what my hair used to do when blow dried. Once it’s dried, I can literally do anything. Ironing it takes 20-30 minutes. Curling it takes about 30 minutes. Bear in mind that it used to take me 2-3 hours to style my hair since it happens to be incredibly thick and I am not very skilled with any sort of hot tool. The cut in styling time is the main reason I opted to received Cezanne, so I’m very happy it’s proven effective. I do have to blowdry it first though in order to lessen the styling time. Otherwise, although my hair is smoother, I’m still fighting against my natural wavy texture that does not like to hold heat. Hope this was helpful for anyone looking into Cezanne!

When you’re ready to book, call Butterfly Studio Salon and make sure to ask for Jennifer Penny.

xx Esther  

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