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Silk Black Cold Shoulder Top // Jay Godfrey

Silk Black Cold Shoulder Top // Jay Godfrey

If I had to choose a favorite fabric, it would definitely be silk. I wear it whenever I get the chance. I even sleep on silk pillowcases. So this silk black top was probably one of the greatest pieces I’ve received in my blogging career. The fact that it’s Jay Godfrey makes it even better.

This top has made getting dressed pretty simple because it goes with everything and you can dress it up or down. Rather than dress it down; however, I prefer to use it to dress things up. Wear it with a casual mini or pair of jeans, slip on some heels, and all of a sudden, you are ready for a night out.  

About two months ago, I sat down with my mentor and wrote out a set of short and long term business goals. I set my short term goal deadline for August 31st and as the date started approaching, I started evaluating my progress. I surpassed some goals and came close with the rest, but one goal I’m particularly proud of accomplishing is posting twice a week on the blog. It’s not easy, but one major factor that helps me push out so many posts is having an assistant to help me with all those projects that eat up my time. I get a lot of questions regarding having an assistant, so I figured I’d put together a mini Q&A of the ones I’m asked most often.

  1. How did you find your assistant?
    Previously, I found my assistants through word of mouth, either by asking friends or students in fashion schools to see if anyone they knew would be interested in working for a blogger. I found my current assistant via LinkedIn by searching, “Looking for a fashion internship.” I reached out to everyone whose status basically asked me to and then conducted interviews to find the person I meshed best with.

  2. What kind of work do you have your assistant do?
    I have my assistant own certain social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, engaging with followers and posting curated content. I also have her organize my Fashion Week schedule, research brands or PR companies to work with, and contribute to the blog with written content. Other tasks come up all the time, but nothing too complicated.

  3. How often do you work with your assistant?
    I always ask for a one day a week commitment. Currently, I work with my assistant every Friday, either out of a coffee shop or remotely. I also send weekly assignments, generally pertaining to engaging on social media, that my assistant does according to her own schedule.

  4. Do you pay your assistant?
    This is one of the most frequent questions I get. The only monetary compensation I give my assistants is in the form of commission. Most of my assistants have turned down this offer since it’s not a simple task, but I always give them the option to receive a percentage of every paid collaboration they send my way. I also share the gifts companies send me and give my assistants the opportunity to attend exclusive events and New York Fashion Week. Most importantly, I give them social media marketing and blogging experience, as well as exposure to the fashion industry.

  5. Is it worth all the managing you have to do?
    Sometimes. It all depends on the person. The work I have my assistants do isn’t necessarily difficult, but I do need people who know grammar and understand my brand voice, which is easier for some than others. I find that the more passionate the worker is about Louboutins & Love, the faster she catches on. Funny how that works. ;)

Black Cold Shoulder Top: Jay Godfrey (c/o)
Pink Pleather Skirt: Zara
Black West 57th Schoolbag: Henri Bendel (c/o)
Black and Gold Chokers: Amare Jewels (c/o)
Black Klover Sandals: Ivanka Trump (c/o)

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hong

xx Esther

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