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Printed Boho Dress // West Kei

Printed Boho Dress // West Kei

I never really went through a boho phase like almost everyone else did in my high school, so I guess this is me playing catch up. I love the print and the tassels, and especially the modern twist with the cutout shoulders. Such a good find from West Kei, the same place I got that long floral wrap dress that had everyone’s head turning. I’ve been wearing this dress on repeat since it’s so easy to throw on (my favorite quality in a dress), but New York Fashion Week is coming and that means I’ll probably be saying goodbye to comfortable and easy dressing for a little while.

I spoke about this previously, but I started focusing on wearing more comfortable clothes after I moved to NYC and found myself constantly on the subway, carrying lots of bags, and always rushing. Commuting is pretty much unavoidable in New York City, but in very exciting news, I’m moving at the end of this month to a new apartment in a much more central location! That means my travel time to basically everywhere is about to be cut in half. Also, for the first time in two years, I’ll be able to meet up with friends wearing whatever uncomfortable shoes I’d like since I’ll only be a short walk away. Life is good! Now I just gotta figure out how I plan to move all my shoes since I think I’m pretty close to hitting 50 pairs…

Printed Boho Dress: West Kei (c/o)
Tan Crossbody Bag: Elk Accessories (c/o)
Gold Jeweled Snake Bracelet: Shop Design Spark (c/o)
Gold Star Choker: Amare Jewels (c/o)
Cork Wedges: Dolce Vita

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hong

xx Esther

Thank you West Kei and Lifestyle Clothiers for collaborating on this post. 


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